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Dr Al Amin Mridha


History of the Ancient Civilization and Bangladesh


  1. Geographical Location of the Ancient Bengal

  2. The Evolution of the Human Civilization

  3. The Regime of Akbar, the Great (Mughal Rule)

  4. The Religious Standing of Akbar

  5. The Regime Period of Aurangzeb

  6. The War of Polashi


  1. A History of the Civilization

  2. The Mughal Rule

  3. Vasco da Gama

  4. The British and the Mughal Regimes

  5. The British Regime/Period

  6. The Martyrs of the Language Movement, February 21, 1952

  7. Bangladesh Liberation War - March 26, 1971

  8. Evolution of Bangladesh/The Heads of State of the People's Republic of Bangladesh since 1971

  9. Bangladesh Natural Resources - a familiarization chart

  10. Bangladesh familiarization

  11. National Identities of Bangladesh


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