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A teaching aid and computer supported modern teaching centre

Bandai Khara, Naogaon, Bangladesh

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Dr Al Amin Mridha




I am Mohammad Aslam Hossain Mridha, s/o late Harunoor Rashid Mridha (father) and Abjan Bewa (mother), born in 1968, 21st February, at Bandai Khara village of Naogaon district in Bangladesh (South Asia).  We are six sisters and five brothers.  I am the third of the five sons of our parents.  My two elders, one of them M.R. Haider is an Ex Bangladesh Navy, another is Dr Md Al-Amin Mridha, MBBS, MCPS, MD (Pediatrics), Child Specialist servicing in KSA and two younger brothers Md Altaf Hossain Mridha (P.S.O. of Renata) and Md Ashraf Hossain Mridha (self-employed).  All of my sisters are married.  My mother lives with us.


From my school life in 1982, I have started Pen-friendship and Radio DX-ing worldwide and I have many Pen friends all over the world.  His Excellency President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom is one of the honorable Pen friends since 1989.  My hobby is collecting stamps, view cards, banknotes, coins, magazines, maps, DX-items and teaching aids.


In 1984, I was the Branch Post Master of Bandai Khara.  I was the founder secretary of the DX club (VOA Fan Club) at Bandai Khara in 1988.  I have taken part in many voluntary social and relief work.


In 1991, my First Solo Collection Exhibition was held at Bandai Khara.  The Chief Guest was the Rajshahi Divisional Commissioner.


In 1992, I took part in the National Philatelic Exhibition in Dhaka Museum.  Many important persons of home and abroad appraised my collections.


In 1996-1998 I worked in Malaysia in a Shell petrol station as a computer operator with casher.


"PROTIDDHONI SHIKKHA KENDRO (Echo Teaching Center") - is a teaching aid and computer supported modern teaching center where students read from Class I to Class VIII.  I started this center in 2000.  The students of this center are talented because I display many etching aids such as maps, stamps, coins of different periods, pictures of important persons, paper cuttings, and important books.  I show the students important video CDs to improve their knowledge.  Some poor students also read here with my financial assistance.  The Primary and Junior Scholarship Examination results of Protiddhoni Sikkha Kendro are very impressive. 


I took part in the Teaching Aids Exhibition at Naogaon PTI in 2003 and won the first prize.  Now I am a voluntary teacher of Bandai Khara Govt. Primary School. 


I displayed my teaching aids at Atrai Exhibition in 2005.  Many important persons appraised my uncommon collections.  Many people supported me to continue my program.  My wife, Nazma Khatun, helps me as an Assistant Teacher.


If everybody helps me, I will be very much interested to establish a permanent model teaching aid and computer support modern teaching school for the greater benefits of the young learners of Bandai Khara, which will not only enrich their knowledge level but also place them well later in their life both home and abroad.



Md. Aslam Hossain Mridha


Protiddhoni Sikkha Kendro

Bandai Khara, Naogaon 6597



Note: The Bengali version of what the Director said about PSK can be found at this link.


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