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A teaching aid and computer supported modern teaching centre

Bandai Khara, Naogaon, Bangladesh

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Dr Al Amin Mridha

Protiddhoni Shikkha Kendra (PSK) - Echo Teaching Centre is a modern and innovative teaching centre utilizing informative and interactive teaching aids and computer information systems for the students from Class 1 to Class 8. 


In 2000, I took a leading role in starting up the teaching centre with only five students at Bandai Khara, an ancient historical village in upazilla (sub-district) Atrai, district Naogaon, Bangladesh. I am the founding Director of this centre.


Keeping in mind that only the lecture method of teaching is not very effective which is a finding that is universally true without much debates, modern and innovative learning techniques have been being employed in educating the students.


The teaching method is very interactive and practical-oriented using modern scientific tools, such as computers, microscopes and many other recent technologies.


At the very out set of teaching, the young learners are taught to practise good handwriting.  Above all, special importance is given on teaching English right from the beginning. Displaying various stamps, maps, coins & documentary papers from home & abroad, young learners are given practical ideas and knowledge about geography, history & traditions.  Moreover, every year study tours are arranged for the students not only for their own enjoyment but also for gaining knowledge about important historical places.


Many students proved their learning excellence in terms of showing outstanding performance in exams and also in being qualified for some very competitive education programs sponsored and administered by the Government.


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